The Importance of a Good Web Host – Introduction

The nightmare is over. The storm has passed. The trial has ended.

For my two-and-a half fans out there,first let me apologize. You may remember that I had a small hiatus during the summer but at the end of August I was back to continue my foray into keeping up with things at my website. It was at about that time that I began to have issues posting, accessing email, and a host of other issues. This became progressively worse as time went on, preventing me from posting at all or doing pretty much anything on my website.

Being an independent writer and publisher, it’s important that I keep up my website because it is the way that I build my brand as well as connect with my fanbase (yes, I believe that my two-and-a-half fans are that important. More content is always a good thing as long as the content is saying something substantive or interesting. I try to have something that is a little of both but I tend to hit and miss. I’m learning.

During these intervening months where my website has been down but not down, it has tied my hands. I could have kept up on Google+ but that would not have accomplished what I wanted which was to keep my website update with fresh content as much as I could. Go figure that as soon as I make this kind of commitment that BLAM! Everything goes to pot.

Even though the situation was annoying and frustrating, there were lessons to be learned and learned they were. If I can save fellow novelists, bloggers, and anyone that has a web presence the hassle and headache that I endured, I will most happily do it.

That brings me to the title of this post, The Importance of a Good Web Host. This will be the first in a series where I will chronicle my journey and what I learned in switching web hosts, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will be peppered with excerpts of chats, advice, and links. This is one that I suggest you follow if you want to know the lowdown on the ins-and-outs of being your own independent web administrator (another hat we must wear being self-published).

So, let me do this again: now that I’ve ironed out the kinks so that things are working and I can get access to my material, there will be more. More content that is. I have months worth of material that has been mulling around in my head plus much that I wanted to talk about that is sitting in the queue waiting to be finished. If you thought I talked a lot before…oh boy.

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