Archomai – The Poltergeist Files Boxed Set Bundle



Experience the series from beginning to end in the super-assassin trilogy from the mind of Easton Livingston. Get all three books—Blackson’s Revenge, Blackson’s Repentance, and Blackson’s Redemption, all for one low price. This is not an omnibus but three separate files. Three books, one low price. Get it now!


Archomai. It means “to begin”. The first to do anything.

This Poltergeist Files digital ebook boxed set is the beginning of the tale of the super-assassin, Adlai Blackson, a.k.a The Poltergeist. Follow the story of Adlai as he travels down a long road of intrigue, black-ops, lies, shadow organizations, and murder. It all comes at a price—the chipping away at his soul. But through it all, it surprises him to find what he was sure didn’t exist anymore. Hope.

You cannot find this offer anywhere else except here at RIU HQ. But you need to grab this now because this price is for a limited time. It will increase in a week’s time to $4.99 on May 14th at midnight.

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