In The Oven – The Sword of Shannara

Well, it didn’t take me long to get started on another book which is odd. I have so many and I always want to make sure that I’m picking up something that is a little different from what I was reading before. Though the VAST majority of the books that will be coming up in the oven will be about (can you guess?) superheroes and the like, there will also be a fair share of fantasy and other types of science fiction.

Take for example the book that I just began reading, The Sword of Shannarra by Terry Brooks. This is not a superhero novel but it is fantasy and a classic by those who are familiar, first published in 1977. My foray into the first book of this series and The Hobbit has me digesting a steady dose of fantasy along with my superheroic diet which is growing by leaps and bounds I might add. I’ve received a few more books to add to my collection and more are in the mail. I have enough to keep my reading schedule busy for a while.

I’ve been trying my best to keep up on my Goodreads page as I gear up this year and see what I can finish. Hook up with me there. Gonna be lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of working. I am truly looking forward to it all.

Tell me what your reading down in the comments or hook up with me on my Goodreads page.

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