7 Days Only! Free Cross-Promotion Going On Now.

There was a time where I would have been listed in a lot of cross-promotion. However, that has changed. Drastically. Primarily it has to do with the kind of books and authors I want to be associated with and to not oversaturate the same reader lists. How these things work is that an author partners with other authors and we share links with our own individual mailing lists which increases exposure. It’s a great way to gain visibility for your work as an author.

I’ve been very picky about the cross-promotions I join since last year. It’s why my R.I.U. Citizens haven’t seen them in the past couple of months. Today I only have one for you and it only lasts seven days. It’s also a limited amount of slots so it’s a small promotion. I’m not real gung-ho about some of the covers but it’s a reliable pool of authors who share so I wanted to experiment and see how well it would work to bring in some new citizens into the fold.

There is a little bit of everything in here. Take a look and see if you like anything and grab it before it’s gone. The promotion starts on December 3rd and goes until December 9th, so I’m giving it right at the beginning so you don’t miss anything that may look decent. Save this email, go to the link below and bookmark the page to make sure you don’t miss it. Or you can click on the image too.

7-Day Cross Promo

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