Why I Have No Face

The title of the post may seem a little odd but for my three fans who come to the site regularly, they know what I’m talking about.

If you look closely on the site, you’ll find that there’s no photo of me anywhere. Just my logo. There is a good reason for that. Actually two reasons. No, really.

I don’t just write fiction novels. I also write nonfiction books. I decided way back that when I started writing fiction novels that I wouldn’t show my face because I wanted my fiction to stand alone and separate from my nonfiction. Yes, I do show my photo for my nonfiction but I go by another name.

“Wait. Are you saying that Easton Livingston is pseudonym?”

Yes, I am. That folks is the big reveal in this post. I will never mention it again so if you miss it this time, c’est la vie. I hope you’re not disappointed. I could have the name added legally because I really like it but I would then have a name five words long and that would just sound weird (Michael Allan Easton Livingston Jackson. No, that’s not my real name either. Just pulled it out of the air for that example).

In addition, I’m not very photogenic. I have always hated having my picture taken. I would rather save you the pain of having to look at me. You think I’m kidding. If only I were.

To be sure, I am Easton Livingston to the core. Make no mistake. Easton Livingston is a fiction novelist with a specialty in superheroic and fantasy tales (with a dash of mystery/suspense and the supernatural). That is me folks. Hands down.

Do I plan on showing my picture later? Nope. Never. My logo is sufficient. Some may say I’m missing a chance to connect with my fans but I would disagree. I connect to my fans through words, not photos. I want my words, the stories that I am given to craft to be the center of attention, not me. They may bring me attention but they are the focal point.

Trust me, you’re better off not seeing this ugly mug. I hope you enjoy my stories though.

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