When Christian Writers Aren’t So Christian

I’m always opening up some can of worms but I don’t mind. It comes with the territory.

This post is for a particular audience so some of you may skip over because it is talking about God, the Bible, and Christians. The rest of you which are a part of that equation, read on.

A while back, I posted about what it meant to be a Christian in response to a post from another author. It got the response that I expected because those kinds of topics are sensitive and most people think and react emotionally instead of biblically with a sound, lucid argument. Recently, I came upon some links on Google+ which I perused. This is from people that had in some way presented themselves as Christians. Yet the links they were posting to, even to their own sites of their own posts, were peppered with profanity and general ungodly communication. That’s a problem, especially when you’re presenting yourself as a Christian.

The term “Christian” gets thrown around so much that it has lost its true meaning. People who think they are Christians are clueless as to what it means to be one once you question them which means they’re not Christians. They’ve simply deceived themselves into believing such. I know that sounds harsh but this is the bare bones truth of the matter.

On the other hand, you have immature, weak believers who think that keeping up with the Joneses of the world, specifically in publishing, is the way to make it, hence you have a plethora of Christian writers who aren’t so Christian. When you promote as part of your platform things which are clearly unbiblical and un-Christian, there’s a problem Houston.

As a Christian, everything that we do must be for the glory of God. Everything. That means our fiction writing, blog posts, links, or whether we eat or drink which the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:31. Therefore, we should watch whether or not we’re glorifying God or slandering His name by what we rubber stamp. I check every link and it’s content coming from my website. If there is anything that is biblically inappropriate, it never sees the light of day here. God’s glory is paramount, at least on this website.

What’s more disturbing is that these people don’t see anything in what they are doing as wrong in any way. Their conscience has been jaded to where they are no longer sensitive to sin. Not only is that disturbing, it’s scary.

If you are a Christian writer (or Christian that’s a writer), then I encourage you to actually be one. Stand for the truth in everything. Be blameless in what you allow and don’t allow. Let your actions and representation be based on the word of God, not the whims of a worldly industry. If Daniel could be in the world and not of it, blameless in his actions and behavior in three administrations, we most certainly can through the power of the Holy Spirit of God. Weigh what you allow against the scriptures like Philippians 4:8. When the evidence is compiled against you, let there be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, enough evidence to convict you of being a godly, holy, righteous Christian. Let God infect everything that you do.

Be interested to hear of other people’s experience in this arena. God bless.

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