Wednesday Writing Journal: March 25, 2020

Well, it’s another one of those late Wednesday nights. I am getting this to you much later than I wanted to. Because of that, this writing journal won’t be long.

This week, I uploaded the audiobook of The Forest to Author’s Republic. Author’s Republic is an audiobook aggregator which means they distribute audiobooks to all of the many different distributors that deal in audiobooks. It includes Audible but it’s better to submit to Audible separately and use an aggregator for all the rest. Since Audible right now is still taking forever to approve audiobooks (I just checked right before posting and they still have not approved the book), I wanted to at least have it available at places like Barnes & Noble and Kobo. At this moment, Author’s Republic has already distributed to those outlets as well as many others.

The major project this week was fine-tuning The Dark Corner miniseries. Why? Some of the links inside of the books were obsolete and had to be changed. In addition, I had to go and perform touchup editing on all of the stories in the series. I also discovered two of the stories, The Basement, and The Confrontation, were not listed on Barnes & Noble or Kobo. It had been quite a while since I had taken them off when they were both in KDP Select. I must have forgotten to activate them again. So I still have to get them listed back with those distributors.

Lastly, I have been working on entries for the Veiled Athenaeum. As I was going through editing the books, I realized there is a lot of lore and characters. If you’re waiting for new entries to pop up, that should be in the next week, though I’m still struggling with the security of these fake emails coming through and registering. Or trying to.

Stupid fake emails.

To be honest, I’m not sure if they are all actually fake. They look suspicious to me because I’ve never seen those email domains. That doesn’t mean a whole lot because who knows how many email domains there are out there. They just could be legit. I’m trying to double-check them and what I had done to secure the registration page had worked. The registrations plummeted and only a few got through which made me think these were legit. But as I was looking at the emails, they didn’t look authentic to me. So I’m finding myself going and double-checking the emails. I’ve implemented another antispam security plugin so we’ll see how that works. It looks very promising and I believe it is what will solve my problem. I’ll give you an update in a week.

Lots of work in the coming week.

  • Finish recording The Gift audiobook.
  • Start some heavy editing on Blackson’s Redemption.
  • Get all of my books from The Dark Corner re-edited and uploaded to all the websites.
  • Add new entries into the Veiled Athenaeum.
  • Begin the outline for the first book in the new Makarios Cadre series.

I’m getting tired just looking at that bullet list.

So that’s a long and the short of it folks. I have to get back to work so until next week, I will see you in the Tapestry!

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