Urban Fantasy and Superheroes

My short story The Visitor has been out now for two weeks. If you’ve read it (and shame on you if you haven’t), you know that the story is one of psychological mystery. Now with all those things that I’ve written here at this website, it may be a little surprising that I would write a story in that genre. However, there is a perfectly good explanation for this.

The number one explanation would be because this is where the story begins, and the story falls more into the genre of urban fantasy or the supernatural. Now with my focus on superheroes and all that I have written about them, the question that you may be asking is “Why would you do a story in that genre when you talk so much about superheroes?” Well, it comes down to understanding what it is that I’m doing here.

Many people may think that the crux of what I do is write books and that is all I’m really about. That I write fiction books. But that’s not really the foundation of what I’m doing. The foundation of what I’m doing is creating a universe. You’ll notice at the top of my website that it says I’m a storyteller and world builder. These two go hand-in-hand in that when building a world — or in my case building a universe — there are many different areas that are part of that universe. Because they are different, they allow me to tell different stories in different genres. It gives me the freedom to be able to write whatever is in that universe. Of course, I choose to tell the stories in the universe that normally stay in certain genres: urban fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, superheroic, and action-adventure. I choose to tell the stories that involve these fantastical elements of the universe (and by universe I mean the R.I.U.).  So there’s always a crossover in the material that I write.

To be clear, The Dark Corner Archives falls more in line with the urban fantasy/supernatural vein. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. This is where it begins but this is not where I will stay. Most definitely, we are going to be taking a journey into other corners of this universe that fall more in line with the superheroic vein. Or maybe it might be more accurate to say the meta-human vein. All these elements are intertwined together in the R.I.U. It’s important to understand that when reading stories like The Visitor. In short, you’ll never know just what direction the story may take you unless I tell you ahead of time. But you can get a general sense and feeling from the cover.

If I were to describe the foundation of what’s being done with the stories I’m currently writing, it would be developing the stories in the magic part of Marvel or DC. Things like Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate or Marvel’s the Midnight Sons. That’s where we’re beginning and we will be switching back and forth between that and other parts of the universe with slightly different elements. Different stories, different tones. As I’ve mentioned before, my first novel to be (God willing) this December is Blackson’s Revenge which is more in line with Captain America meets Jason Bourne. Again, a different genre, same universe.

So what I’d like you to do is go ahead and download The Visitor. It’s a short read and it’s free. If you like what you read, leave a short review for me. It will help. Then after you read that, look at the cover of the next book, The Forest, and try to imagine the direction that we’re going to travel. If that’s the direction that you want to go with me, just hang in there. This rabbit hole definitely gets deeper.

Until then my friends, see you in the Tapestry!

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