Easton Livingston's Reality Imagination

The Veiled Athenaeum

The Door of Secrets to the RIU

Welcome. If you have come to this area of the RIU, that means you more than likely are curious about the history and inner workings within the RIU Tapestry. You may have questions about the people, places, and objects within all of the strands connecting them. That kind of inquisitiveness is both dangerous and wonderful. The discoveries unmasked here can be informative as well as disturbing. If you are inquisitive and want to go deeper into the RIU, your opportunity has arrived. You enter at your own risk.

All sections of the Veiled Athenauem (VA) can be accessed here. However, different keys open certain sections. Those keys can be found in certain access points (see the RIU Codex). These keys appear to be tied directly to the Tapestry. Because the Tapestry is in constant flux, most of the keys only last for so long before the fabric holding them together disintegrates.
There are three main categories of keys:

  1. Expansion Keys – these keys give more general access to the whole of the VA.
  2. Nexus Keys – these keys give access to all the information in a nexus (see the RIU Codex for a definition). These keys can only be obtained by buying the book.
  3. Unique Keys – these keys give access to a specific kind of content. That content will fall into one of these categories: characters, places, organizations, or objects.

There are stipulations that must be understood before stepping beyond this door.

First, to acquire any of the expansion or unique keys, you must be an RIU Resident. In order to register as a resident, please sign in here:

Make Me an RIU Resident

When you become a resident, you will automatically be provided with a Silver Key. Nexus keys can only be found at certain access points.
The following are the different keys you can find in the RIU:

Silver Key (Expansion – no expiration) – the basic key giving general access to the Veiled Athenaeum. The only requirement is being an RIU Citizen.
Glass Key (Unique – expires in 14 days) – grants access to information relating to character profiles and casting calls.
Obsidian Key (Nexus – does not expire) – grants specific access to all information in the Dark Corner series.
Available to those who purchased a copy.
Pearl Key (Unique – expires in 10 days) – grants access to information on locations and places in the RIU.
Ruby Key (Nexus – does not expire) – grants access to all information relating to The Poltergeist Files. Available to those who purchased a copy of one of the books in the series (Blackson’s Revenge, Blackson’s Repentance).
Sandalwood Key (Unique – expires in 10 days) – grants access to information on objects in the RIU.
Ivory Key (Unique – expires 10 days) – grants access to information relating to organizations in the RIU.
Gold Key (Expansion – expires in 7 days) – this is an upgrade from a Silver Key, giving deeper access to the RIU.
Palladium Key (Expansion – expires in 3 days) – this is an upgrade from a Gold Key, giving the deepest access to the VA. In short, you’ll be able to access everything. It’s a rare find so take advantage of it because it doesn’t last long.

Even these fluctuations are not set in stone and seem to be changing incessantly. The given duration for each key is what our observers have estimated at this current time.

You may contact us if something goes awry. We’ll try to help you in any way we can.

If you are a resident, enter here:

RIU Resident Login

If you are applying for residency, enter here:

RIU Resident Registry