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This post has been a long time coming and I must say that I’m excited that I’m finally getting to it.

I’ve said that I was going to write the various definitions of the words that are used within the RIU some months ago but some other things had to be taken care of first. But I’m keeping my word even though it wasn’t on the quickest of timetables.

Today we are going to delve into what is called the RIU Codex. Here are the definitions of the vocabulary that is used in the RIU so you won’t be lost when I start using terms and you will be in on the know.

In order to make this simple, I decided just to list each word and the definition behind it. You can always come back to this post to get a refresher if you happen to forget what something means. I’ll also put up a special link that you can come here and have an easy path to it. This will expand so don’t be surprised if I use a new phrase. If I do, that means it’s here already.

RIU – I know this is a basic one but it means Reality Imagination Universe. This is another name for my world and everything created within it in the pages of my books. It also encompasses all that is connected to it like citizens which is another name for readers or fans.

RIU Citizen – An RIU Citizen is another name for those who are not only interested in my work but have registered as a legitimate citizen my signing up to my mailing list. They are sometimes referred to as “normies”There are different kind of citizens that comprise the RIU:

  • Watchers – these RIU Citizens simply read the books as they come out. They watch for the releases, grab them, and read or listen to them at their leisure.
  • Heralds – heralds are those that spread the word about the RIU through reviews. They are more apt to tell others about the books and the universe overall.
  • Constructors – Constructors are interested in making sure the universe continues to expand. They sponsor the work behind the scenes beyond just buying the releases and become Patreon subscribers (coming soon).
  • Harbingers – Harbingers are all of the above.

RIU HQ – This is simply another name for my website. This is the hub of information and news.

RIU Residents – These are RIU Citizens that have set up shop here at RIU HQ. They have their own personal space, have access to the Veiled Athenaeum, and are eligible for special rewards and offers exclusive to residents.

RIU Elites – RIU Elites are those who are a part of the advance reader team. They can have additional citizenship monikers like those above but have privileges no one else has, namely getting new releases for free and access to parts of the Veiled Athenaeum. They also get sneak peeks of new release covers before RIU Citizens. They refer to regular citizens as “normies”, or normals because they are considered the superhero-fans in the RIU.

RIU Citizen Report – This is the name of the newsletter that goes out to all RIU Citizens who are on my mailing list.

Access Point – an access point (AP) is a novel or story that grants readers into the heart of the RIU.

Genesis Point – a Genesis point (GP) is an access point that begins a series. For example, in my miniseries, The Dark Corner, the GP for that would be The Visitor.

Nexus – A nexus is a series of stories. The Dark Corner miniseries is a nexus of sorts but my upcoming trilogy, The Poltergeist Files is a better example.

Shift Event – a shift event is a promo for any of my books. Shift events are plentiful and some are exclusive to RIU Citizens.

The Veiled Athenaeum – I gave a full treatment of what this was a few months ago so you can go read about here: The Veiled Athenaeum. However, just to keep things simple, the Veiled Athenaeum (TVA) is the place where deeper information is stored about the RIU. Information on characters, objects, organizations, and places are kept here. TVA is a place that is exclusively for RIU Residents (see above).

TVA’s tomes are sometimes incomplete. You may be in the middle of reading something when it suddenly stops or fades. That means a page is torn or the subsequent information can only be found in an annex.

Annex Keys – an annex is part of the Veiled Athenaeum. It’s a secret room that you have to have a key to get into. There are various doors to gain admittance to the annexes and they have a number of different keys needed to gain access.

When a new annex appears (that’s how they are formed), it will be announced along with the key to access it. RIU Citizens are the only ones who will receive this information. RIU Residents will be the only ones to access it.

The Tapestry – If you’ve visited the website at any time or received an RIU Citizen Report, you have seen this familiar phrase that I sign off with: See you in The Tapestry!

Okay. What is the Tapestry? It is anything, anywhere you can find that connects back to the RIU in any way. That includes social channels like my Facebook page, the online retailers that carry my books, profiles at all of the copious websites and services I use, shift events, interviews, guest posts and anything else that would lead back to this world is called The Tapestry because it goes in a web of directions.

That is the RIU Codex so far. If you have something that you’d like to suggest to add to the codex, comment below.

Until next time, I’ll see you in The Tapestry!

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