The Poltergeist Chronicles – Blackson’s Revenge

The more I work on this website, the more I’m liking the idea of writing. You’d think that would be a given since I’m…well…a writer. But if you listen or read what some writers say, you’d think that writing was some kind of curse. It most definitely is not. I’m blessed to have as many ideas that I have. Now, putting those ideas into one cohesive story that keeps people entertained and interested….yeah. That can be painful. But as the saying goes, if there’s no pain then there’s no gain. Therefore, I welcome challenge.

Blackson’s Revenge is the beginning of a trilogy of books that involves the world’s most dangerous assassin, David Blackson, a.k.a. The Poltergesit. I actually received the idea for the series in an MMORPG that has sadly been put to rest called City of Heroes (I miss you deeply). He was the second character that grew a life of his own over the years and developed into a what is now called the Poltergeist Chronicle, a trilogy of books that I plan on releasing. He is the first major character in the Reality Imagination universe.

So what is Blackson about?I could give you a blurb that gives you enough about the book to make you want to get it. But we’re a long way off from that and I don’t want to keep you hanging forever. I could give you the data files on the characters that will be involved but as interesting as those are in knowing the characters, I still don’t think that would be fair to you three jackers (what’s a “jacker”? I’ll explain that in another post). So, I’ve decided that I’ll give you glimpses into the stories amidst the stories. There will be shorts that will be available for free called The Ghost Reports. These are files that have been kept by the F.B.I. and C.I.A. and Homeland Security of witness accounts of contact with The Poltergeist. Some is just legend. Some is the hard truth. Differentiating the two…well…I’ll leave that up to you.

Now, to see if I can and retrieve those files.

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