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First, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Thank you so much for being a part of what I’m endeavoring to create here. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. It’s exciting to see the coming of a new year because it’s as if we get a reboot and things start fresh. We get to start with a new slate.

Last year was a year of learning here at R.I.U. Central HQ. There was a lot of research done, a reboot of all the titles in The Dark Corner miniseries with new covers, an advertising campaign, and the goal of writing 50000 words in a month for NaNoWriMo (I actually made that goal in about fourteen days). We also revamped the website, added some new services, and got edumcated (fine English there).

I didn’t quite meet my once a week goal for a post but that will definitely change this year. I hope you don’t mind but there are a million ideas that go through my head and I need to get them out for my sanity. Some are just creative things that can go into a story. Other things are a commentary on what I see and what is given to me that I believe is worth mentioning here in relation to writing, genre, storytelling, and everything related. The pace is about to pick up quite a bit. At least once a week you’ll be hearing from me, at a minimum. There will be times where there will be more. It will all be posted directly on my Facebook page.

Not only will there be more writing in at the website but there will be more stories released this year than at any other time. I know what my goal is. Whether I reach it or not is another story.

To kick it off, this Friday, January 5th, will see the release of the fourth story in The Dark Corner miniseries. The one that I’ve been talking about for some time now. The Basement. Now, there’s a caveat: the Friday release is exclusive for R.I.U. Citizens only. If you want to wait to download it, it will cost you and the only place you’ll be able to download it is on Amazon. I’m going exclusive because this will be the longest story in the series until The Confrontation is released. By the end of the whole series, you will have received a novel. which was the goal from the beginning.

In addition, something that will be available for R.I.U. Citizens that won’t be for non-citizens is a choice of which cover you want to download it in. There are two covers that were created for the story and one pulled better than the other. Even so, I like to give options to those who support me so when you go to download the novella, you’ll have the option to download one of two versions with a cover.

When will The Confrontation be released? Before the end of January, God willing. This is what’s ion the schedule. Then we have the first in a trilogy, also something I’ve been talking about for some time — Blackson’s Revenge: The Poltergeist Files – Book I.

Yep. We are about to get busy.

So read The Basement as soon as you get it because the last story will be released a few short weeks after. If you haven’t already, tell a friend about the R.I.U. if they are into this kind of thing. Just

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