The Basement Is Near

Work on my ebook The Basement is coming along nicely now. The book should be done soon and everyone will get the opportunity to add the book to their collection but in a rather special way. As I have mentioned before in other posts, this is the fourth book in my Dark Corner series of books and it will be the longest work our of all of them. Things are changing that even I didn’t expect and you kind of have to smile at that as a writer. No matter if you outline vigorously (like myself), or just write off the cuff, books many times have a way of writing themselves. Every detail is not known and though you may have a general idea where the book is going, the specifics can lead down some pretty interesting roads.

That being said, the book will be done this month and the main reason is that I don’t like to lose. Let me explain.

I was at the local Barnes & Noble with my lovely wife this weekend and she had called some friends of ours who happen to be across the street at the mall food court. So we decided to visit them. While at this sit down, I started talking to my friend about writing. He has been working on a roleplaying game for some time but he didn’t have the  background lore for the game written. Being an old table top gamer myself, I told him that he really needed to get that done. Then I came up with a challenge to get us both motivated. A little friendly competition and encouragement. I said that I would finish two stories in thirty days and that all he had to do is finish the lore on his book. We’d see who would win.

So, it’s been a couple of days now and I am near completion of The Basement and already thinking about the final book in the series called (big reveal)…The Confrontation. This book will be coming out in August. Now, The Basement is pivotal in the series and there will be only two ways that readers can get  book:

  1. Download it on Amazon. The cost will be $1.99.
  2. Join my email list which is an official RIU Citizenship, and you will have access to download the book for free.

The Confrontation will also have a price tag on it unless you have RIU Citizenship. I’m not sure what that exact cost will be at the moment. What is RIU Citizenship? Well, I can’t explain it all just yet but it is more than just being a part of my email list. It has some other benefits and fun things that go along with it. So much in fact that it’s going to take a separate post to explain everything in detail so be looking for that one to be coming down the pike.

No if you haven’t read the first three stories in the series, you’ll be able to download them soon with my relaunch.

So, midway through 2017, the train has finally began to move once again and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Ride along with me my friends.

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