A New Beginning

There’s a saying that “Man plans but God laughs.” That’s not true always though it is some times. Sometimes, it’s along the lines of “Man plans, God directs.” That’s why it’s a good idea to lay out everything before Him from the beginning. We may save ourselves some headache.

Case in point: I have been laying my plans before Him in my calling as a writer and He has directed—in no uncertain terms—me to the place where I am now. I thought that I was going in one direction and I’m still going in that direction. That part hasn’t changed. However, the dynamics in the journey has changed. The paths that I am taking to get to that destination has been guided by Him and I’m happy for it.

So what exactly does this has to do with the price of rice in China? Well, it means that things are a changing so I can ride along on this path a little more smoothly. I want to make sure your ride with me (if you dare to go there) will be enjoyable and that you’re not taken by surprise. Just a little something to keep you updated.