Supernatural Suspense – It’s Not All Fiction

Today sees the release of Pandilla, the first book in my supernatural suspense series, The Nepios Conspiracy. Technically, the paperback and hardcover are out and have been for a little while. Now, it may seem strange that I would switch from a series with military, espionage, and assassins, to secret societies, dimensional travel, and supernatural powered people and beings (now you know what to expect). What also may seem strange is that unlike other people who would make up a new pen name to write a different series in a new genre, I don’t do that.


As I have said before, everything in my universe is connected. In Pandilla, you will see this if you have read any of The Poltergeist Files series. There are characters that crossover and other things that connect the books. Since my books all happen in the same universe, there’s no reason for me to switch to another pen name. Plus, that is just a lot of unnecessary work I’m not willing to go through. I have enough work just trying to keep the universe consistent.

People have to be interested in my writing and my world. If that is true, they won’t care what genre it is, so much as long as the story is good.


I just finished a fresh soft edit of Blackson’s Revenge. That’s the good thing about being an independent author. You can fix problems fast and have them updated in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the length of the project and amount of work. I have discovered a new process of editing that is fantastic. It never even dawned on me to do it the way I am currently doing it, and I have my writers’ group over at the Self Publishing Formula to thank. It’s been a blessing to my whole writing process and is the last detail that has made me mature in my writing. Just think…it only took five books.


Writing supernatural stories is not new. My first book is a collection of supernatural suspense stories called The Dark Corner. The new series sees the return of those characters. But it’s more than that. This is my wheelhouse. The supernatural. And though I write fiction stories, not everything in my fiction stories is fiction. This includes the supernatural.

Even in this highly scientific and technological age which we live in, there are millions, if not billions, of people who still believe in the supernatural. I happen to be one of those people. However, the viewpoint I bring to my fiction stories of the supernatural is quite different from the viewpoint of others who think the supernatural is just fiction. You can tell the difference from their stories. My supernatural stories have many elements based in reality…if you believe those kinds of things. I most certainly do.

Not only is this with my fiction stories. I deal with it in my everyday life and study it regularly. I have over two decades of a deep dive into the supernatural, and I’m learning new things all the time. So writing these fiction stories is not difficult for me when trying to come up with new material. It’s the opposite. I have to wade through the myriad of different subjects to decide what elements I want to focus on in my stories. I could write supernatural fiction for a long time, and I will, God willing. But I will go back and forth in my universe in what would be considered different genres. Everyone should know that coming in.


The subject matter for The Nepios Conspiracy had been percolating in my mind halfway through Blackson’s Redemption. Though many would consider that series to be an espionage-action genre, The Poltergeist Files has supernatural elements, and I’m not just talking about the series’ name. They’re just in a different context.

I consider all of my stories to be supernatural. There will always be elements of the supernatural in them. The genres in which these elements show up will be genres some of my fans may not be interested in. But I don’t let that dissuade me. I have let everyone know multiple times that all of my stories are in the same universe. Because of that, the stories will have different settings and elements. So if you don’t like military espionage with a supernatural twist, the Poltergeist Files may not be for you. If you don’t like straight supernatural suspense fiction, the Makarios Cadre will not be for you. If you don’t like fantasy rooted in history and the supernatural, then you won’t like my…well, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. That will be awhile before we get there.


The Reality Imagination Universe. It’s where all these things happen. It is, in essence, a supernatural world. My prayer is that the stories will be interesting enough for you to stick around no matter what the setting is. If you like speculative fiction in any way, then my stories are for you, and I have many, many stories to populate this universe with. So, if I’m blessed with long life, my prayer is that my readers will be pulled into this supernatural microcosm and enjoy their stay while they are there.

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