Subscription Plan

Silver Key
Silver Key level allowing limited access to the Veiled Athenauem.
Obsidian Key
An Obsidian Key is for all citizens who have purchased a copy of The Dark Corner. This gives access to all information related to that which is not in the book. An Obsidian Key Coupon is needed.
Ruby Key
The Ruby Key is given to all those who purchased a copy of Blackson's Revenge. It allows access to all of the information in that book.  Ruby Key Coupon needed.
Pearl Key
Pearl Key access will allow RIU Citizens access to various information on the places/locations that appear in the books of the RIU. Pearl Key coupon needed.
Glass Key
Glass Keys grants access to information relating to character profiles and casting calls. Glass Key coupon needed.
Sandalwood Key
Sandalwood Keys grant access to information on the myriad different objects in the RIU. From the E-Stone in The Gift to Adlai Blackson's Sig Sauer in Blackson’s Revenge. These keys expire after 10 days. Sandalwood Key coupon needed.
Ivory Key
Ivory Keys grant access to information relating to different organizations in the RIU. From Detachment M in Blackson’s Revenge to The Makarios Cadre in The Dark Corner. This key expires in 10 days. Pearl Key coupon needed.
Gold Key
Gold Keys upgrade your Silver Key for a limited time, granting deeper access into the RIU. It expires in 7 days. Gold Key coupon needed.
Palladium Key
Palladium Keys are the rarest keys one can find and are given away on very special occasions.  They are precious and only last 3 days but give access to everything in the RIU. Sometimes this may include never before seen tomes and stories. Palladium Key access needed.

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