So, Uh…What’s Up With The Basement?

Man. I should be flogged and hogtied. I said that that next story in my short story series The Dark Corner would be out by now. And I had planned on releasing it. It is finished, so to speak. Some tweaks here and there. But…here’s the thing (you’ll see me say that phrase a lot. Big Monk fan here).The Basement is pivotal in the The Dark Corner series. Things are happening in this series that I didn’t expect as I’ve mentioned before. Out of all of the short stories that I have written, this is the longest. By the time I polish this thing off, it’ll be a novelette. Also, some major questions are answered in this that have been floating around within the first three stories.For those just coming into the party (or hangout. I don’t know if you can count five people as a party), the first three stories in the series, The Visitor, The Forest, and The Gift, can be read separately but they are tied together. The last two stories in the series seeks to bring everything together. They answer questions like:

  • Who are Sebastian, Amanda, and Tyler?
  • What connection does The Visitor have in relation to the other stories?
  • What place does Detective Neff have in all of this?
  • What in the world is that thing which was given to Jason?
  • Why did the Baker’s vacation go so wrong and what was behind it?

All of these questions will be answered in the next two stories in the series. Now if you’re looking at all those questions and have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to go and download all of the stories now. I’ve provide the links up top for your convenience. You can also click on Short Stories on the menu and go to each story to download them.

However, with The Basement, and the last story in the series, The Confrontation, I’m doing something just a wee bit different. No, I’m not charging for the stories. I’ll never charge for individual short stories. However, there will be a catch to getting the last two books in the series. The only way to get these last two will require you to be an RIU Citizen. You can apply for citizenship just by adding your email to the bar at the top of the site or the box to the right. Citizenship in the RIU will get you all kinds of neat things as well in the future. So sign up and I’ll get busy finishing this thing.

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