Shift Event for The Dark Corner

Happy Saturday! The last Saturday in the month of March.

You may not be aware but our cartographers have once again spotted a shift event that is happening right now. Now I know the question you’re asking. What is a shift event? Read on, fair citizen.

A shift event is a  special occurrence where access points in the Nexus have been opened up to allow entrance to all the areas in The Dark Corner for a limited time. We have calculated that the exact timing of this shift event will be over on April 2nd. The reason for this shift event is as I’ve explained before so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that particular kind of shift event will only show up once more for a day before everything realigns once again.

Okay. That may be a bit cryptic for the uninformed. So let me explain that in detail in layman’s terms for the uninitiated.

The term “shift event” is another way of saying a promotion or special sale. You can go to the specific event by clicking here: Dark Corner Shift Event. This shift event is a part of my giveaway days in being enrolled in KDP Select where every book in The Dark Corner will be free. They only give you five for the 90 days you are enrolled in the program. In that time, I’ve used up two of those days. I have three more days. Two of them will be used this weekend. I have one more which will be used before April 13th. On that day, I will be out of the KDP Select jail and I will be able to place my books at the other online retail outlets and all the world will be grand again. I’ll write a separate post after the fact on what I learned from this experience.

There are a couple of things that are in the works that will be part of their own shift event. These are the things you can look forward to in the coming month:

Dark Corner Expansion – there will be more added to The Dark Corner. This has taken on a life of its own, to be honest. Originally, the plan was for it to be a one-off but that is not what is going to happen. There are more stories that are waiting to be told and I’m setting up a special kind of shift event for this in April. Some of this will only be available to RIU Citizens in the Veiled Athenaeum.

RIU Audiobooks – one of the books in The Dark Corner series is already complete and the whole series will be released. However, you will not have to wait to get an ACX credit when they are released because…

RIU Storefront – the RIU will have its own storefront. This will allow access to material before it becomes available at other online retailers as well as give access to exclusive content as a part of the Veiled Athenaeum. If you do not know what that is, just click here for more information.

Blackson’s Revenge Book Launch – It’s official that Blackson’s Revenge, the first in the trilogy of The Poltergeist Files will be launched this month, a major shift event all its own.

So, be looking out for these things as we get the ball rolling here in the upcoming month of April.

As always, I’ll see you in the Tapestry!

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