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I enjoy what I do here at the RIU. It’s not just about writing books which is a big part of it, but it’s about creating an experience. To an extent, this is the job of all writers when it comes to their books. But I’m not referring to that right now. I’m referring to what happens outside of the books. I’m not into just making book announcements but having fun with the whole idea on a broader scale. The popular word that is being bandied about now is “tribe”.

This is what the RIU is about. It’s a society. A clan with its own special language (I know. I’ll get to that next week. Promise.). The books are simply a part of something bigger that’s being created. The books and stories are things that we use to connect one another. For me, the RIU is ultimately about special community. This community has at least a passing interest in the universe that my stories take place. My desire is that some will even go beyond that and help to shape the very fabric of that dimension.

One thing that I want for RIU Citizens is value for their participation. This is very important to me. I’m not just slapping people onto a mailing list and cheerleading my books. I want RIU Citizens to know that they are important and that I’m looking out for them in creating an enjoyable experience that is a part of their lives being a part of this community.

In line with that, I look for special opportunities that I can be a part of and that may help enhance your reading experience overall. Not through my books only but through others as well. That’s why I post book and film reviews along with other little diddys. My motivation is so it will make being a part of the RIU more enjoyable.

Two Special Opportunities

With that in mind, I’d like to present to you two opportunities that will be around for a short while. For those of you who have been keeping up with the jargon, these are two separate shift events where you can experiment with new and upcoming fiction writers by trying out their work. The Dark Corner in all of its glory is a part of both of these events. They are genre specific so they should be some relation to the kind of material that I write which is along the lines of a supernatural thriller/paranormal/urban fantasy mix. As I say in my bio, it’s like the television series Stranger Things meets The 4400.

Take a look through them and see if anything appeals to you. Now, I have not read all of the material and you’ll see why. That is just too many books. But they are free so just take a gander at them and if you don’t like them, delete them. But you may find that gem, or two, or three. That may pay some long-range dividends down the line for your reading pleasure. Check them out.

Christian Fiction

The first one is a bank of Christian fiction that will be available until May 1st, 2018. When you take a look at the list of books available, you will notice that my book is markedly different from the rest. That wasn’t a plan. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I write material that easily fits into that market but that market doesn’t have a lot of love for the genre that I write. But if you want an alternative and read cross-genre, you may want to try some of the books on the list. Just click on the link below or the image to take a look at the list of books available.

Download free Christian Fiction 

Noir de Noir – Dark Fantasy/Paranormal

This is a cross-genre promotion aimed at fiction that would be considered noir. Dark. It includes crime or suspense, paranormal, speculative and fantasy. Of course, that’s right up my alley. There are quite a few more books that are a part of this in comparison to the other.  Over twice as many. There seems to be more of a bent towards the fantastical here so expect that going in. I’m actually going to download one myself that looks pretty good. This one goes on until April 30th. Here’s the download link: Download Dark/Paranormal Fiction.

Let me know which ones you downloaded if any or which ones look interesting to you.

Until next time my friends, see you in the Tapestry!

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