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This will not be a long post. In fact, it will probably be one of the shortest posts I’ve done. Maybe.

For my three fans and onlookers, if you’ve perused the website a little bit, you may have noticed a section at the top called RIU which stands for Reality Imagination Universe. This is what I’ve dubbed the universe that I’ve begun to create where all of the characters, locales, and items that I write about in my stories will reside.

In my short story series The Dark Corner, there is a special object that saves a young boy’s life from a horrible predicament in the story The Gift (if you haven’t already, go and download The Gift here. It’s free). That special object has just received its own data file today, details about it that are not in the story, sometimes stories unto themselves. You can go and check out the new file here:

Data File – The E-Stone

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