R.I.U. – Creation of a Universe

There’s a long standing debate over how the universe came into being. Some think that it came into being by scientific anomalies aligning together to evolve from a single cell protoplasm over millions or billions of years. It is the theory that is taught on most college campuses in the United States and around the world.

However, there’s a competing theory that says that the universe came into being by intelligent design. The argument is that something as complex and intricate as the universe and human being had to have a designer. Who or what that designer is is a smaller debate within that circle but many of the adherents believe that it’s God.

I bring all of that up not to argue for one or the other. I merely wanted to point out the fact that as a writer, my reality is created by intelligent design. I am an intelligent designer. I create a world…no…a universe filled with people, places, and things. Now, this is not to say I’m God (good grief, no. Nowhere near). However, it is to say that like God, I’m a creator. I create a reality from my imagination.

The term “reality imagination” may seem like a bit of a paradox but it isn’t. Most of the things that we use and take for granted today started in the imagination of some individual. We live in a reality of imagination.

Unlike some authors who may write a story or a novel in a series disconnected from their other work, all of my stories are a part of my universe. Characters you never thought you’d hear from again pop up in places you never expected. Places mentioned in one story show up in another. Everything is connected either directly or indirectly.

So, as I embark on this journey with you (if you dare), understand that these aren’t just self-contained stories but stories contained in the Reality Imagination Universe, or R.I.U. You’ll find a category at the top of the site labeled with those letters. It is here that information of key places, objects, and characters in the RIU will be cataloged. Some of the information will be sparse but more detailed information can be found in the stories that are attached to their data files.

So join me as we see the R.I.U. unfold. This is where evolution comes into play. Though I have many details of the universe done, unlike God, I do not know every last detail that will come into being and where it will all lead. I’m on this ride the same as you are.

All aboard!

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