NEW RELEASE! Pandilla – Book 1 of The Nepios Conspiracy


“We have to pray to the beast.”

Pandilla is the first book in Easton’s new supernatural suspense thriller series, The Nepios Conspiracy. Featuring the Makarios Cadre (from The Dark Corner), it’s a deep dive into his Reality Imagination Universe.

Easton Livingston is a supernatural, superheroic, and science fiction author, weaving together action, fantasy, and suspense. Fans of The 4400Stranger Things, and Fringe television series are sure to enjoy his work.


A gruesome murder. A determined detective. The gang who instills fear in the city. An age-old evil. Three heroes who face them.

Detective Samuel Neff has a problem — a dangerous and powerful street gang named El Huesped. They have conquered the entire north end of Toledo, Ohio, and he suspects they are the recent cause of one of the city’s most gruesome murders. When it becomes clear the police are in over their heads, he calls his friends the Makarios Cadre to help.

During their investigation, they find El Huesped is not … normal. Something is behind their rise to power. When they kidnap one of the Cadre’s own, they must fight through dark and unexpected obstacles to get them back. But can they do it before ancient history repeats itself and an antediluvian horror is unleashed on the world again?

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