Blackson’s Revenge: The Poltergeist Files – Book 1



They trained him to be a soldier. They forced him to be a vigilante. He becomes their nightmare.

Adlai Blackson is a patriot. As a United States Marine, he serves out of a sense of duty and honor to his father, killed in action when he was eight years old. That day changed his life and shaped him to be the man he is today. To him, family and friends are paramount, and it has been his life’s mission to protect them and his country.

For over twenty years, he’s built an impressive reputation as a top-notch hand-to-hand combatant and uncanny reconnaissance and infiltration expert. The United States government took notice, recruiting him as a leader in the black ops team known only to those involved as Detachment M. All because he’s kept something locked away. Something he’s kept hidden since he was eight years old.

The superhuman ability to turn invisible for 40 seconds.

Adlai’s life is about to change again. The unfolding of a revelation shakes him to the core of his soul, igniting a series of deadly events that force him to choose whether to continue as the good soldier, the good son, or… something else.

Everybody has a breaking point. Some are more deadly than others.

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Blackson’s Revenge is the first book in the Poltergeist Files series. A cross between Marvel’s Daredevil and Punisher, it chronicles the story of a man who goes from soldier to assassin, to hero. It is a story about pain, discovery, betrayal, and atonement.

Like all novels from Easton, Blackson’s Revenge takes place in the RIU (Reality Imagination Universe). It ties to other stories or novels that are not directly a part of the Poltergeist Files series.

Easton Livingston is a supernatural/superheroic fiction author, weaving together action, fantasy, and suspense. His writing is described as The 4400 television series meets Stranger Things. The Poltergeist Files is a Genesis Point into his Reality Imagination Universe (RIU).

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