Blackson’s Redemption: The Poltergeist Files – Book 3


Blackson’s Redemption is the third book in The Poltergeist Files series. A cross between John Wick and Jason Bourne with superhuman abilities, it chronicles the story of a man who goes from soldier to assassin, to hero. It is a story about pain, discovery, betrayal, and atonement.

Like all novels from Easton, Blackson’s Redemption takes place in the burgeoning RIU (Reality Imagination Universe). It ties to other stories or novels that are not directly a part of The Poltergeist Files series.Easton writes superheroic, supernatural thriller, action, drama, and suspense tales, weaving all of those elements together. Simplified — speculative fiction. He often describes his work as a cross between the cult television show The 4400 and the Netflix’s Stranger Things and the television series Fringe.
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They told him it was impossible. Now he has to prove them wrong… or die.

Adlai Blackson. Soldier. Assassin. Criminal. Prisoner.

As a resident and death row inmate of the Fort Leavenworth Correctional Center in Kansas, he’s had time to reflect on many things. On killing the appointed Secretary of Defense, William MacDonald. On murdering MacDonald’s wife, Marilyn MacDonald, who wanted him dead. On the type of man he wants to be in his last days.

But then a visitor comes to him who could change everything. They just want him to complete one last mission. If he succeeds, he gets his freedom back. There’s only one small problem.

The mission is in North Korea.

Adlai has a choice. Refuse the mission and die in prison, or take the mission and risk becoming a prisoner of a nation whose prisons make the U.S. System look like hotels. He knows he’ll need help on this one. Failure is not an option. If he does, it will shift the global balance of power and shake the foundations of the United States, changing the course of history.

Pressure mounts as Adlai and his crew race against the clock to stop an insane regime with a grudge against the U.S. Can Adlai and his impromptu team of enemies, friends, and strangers succeed? More importantly, can he do it without becoming the man he once was?

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