Pandilla Kickstarter Is LIVE!


It should come as no surprise that my post for this week talks about the Pandilla Kickstarter. I’ve been posting this all over the place in him want to continue to do so until the full 30 days have expired on the campaign. So I’m going to jump right into this because I get to delve a little bit deeper than I’m able to do in my newsletter to RIU Citizens on this topic.

Pandilla Kickstarter

On Tuesday, May 4, I launched the campaign for the first book in my new supernatural suspense thriller series The Nepios (pronounced nay-pee-os) Conspiracy: Pandilla. This falls in line with my commitment to launch books via Kickstarter first and foremost, and then to have a soft launch later on after the Kickstarter. I mentioned this before and now we are seeing this come to fruition.

In my last Kickstarter, I made it to 39% of the goal. In the Pandilla Kickstarter, we are at 55% of the goal after four days. That is a markedly better improvement, and as I see the number go up, it motivates me to want to give some top-notch customer service to the people who are supporting my project.

So, if you want to get in on the Pandilla Kickstarter before it ends on June 3rd, click on the link below and make a pledge. And even if you don’t like supernatural suspense, you can still make a pledge to support the project. Just click on the link below and thank you ahead of time for your support!

Pandilla Kickstarter

Kickstarter for Me This Year

This year I’ve become more acquainted with the Kickstarter platform. I now have a more robust understanding because I supported two projects.

The One Ring RPG Second Edition

The first project I supported was for The One Ring role-playing game. It’s the second edition due to be released later on this year. October, I believe. I think we get early access this month. That was a crazy Kickstarter and I am very happy for the success of it. I had a lot of fun following its progress.

Another Kickstarter I supported this year is connected to role-playing games as well. It’s a gamemaster tool called Dungeon Alchemist that allows you to make some pretty cool maps in 3D. This is especially handy when you are playing through a V TT (virtual tabletop). If I’ve lost you because you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. I’ll talk about this in a later post.

I am about to support another one. It’s one of my colleagues in the fiction category. She is almost at her goal, which I’m sure she will meet in the last four days. I was one to throw her a little love, even though I’m not choosing a reward.

My Kickstarter Process

Before I started down this road, I wanted people to support something that was already completed. There are a lot of projects on Kickstarter were people ask you to support them though they don’t have any kind of working prototype. That is a very hard sell. I wouldn’t support something like that unless the person or company had some kind of proven track record they can come through.

This is one of things I believe some fiction authors don’t realize when it comes to Kickstarter. We are already the redheaded stepchildren in the Fiction category to begin with. People will — rightly so — expect us to have some skin in the game. They want to know they are not supporting some fly-by-night operation that doesn’t produce.

Regular Updates

I’m feeling optimistic about this one. I’m doing different things for this Kickstarter that it didn’t do for the last Kickstarter. I have no incontrovertible data to back this up, but I believe the effort I’m putting into this one is paying off.

One thing I’m doing for this Kickstarter is giving the people who support me regular updates. This is to let them know I appreciate their support, and I’m hard at work on making sure this novel is ready at the time I said that it would be.

With these updates, I plan on doing short videos and audio addresses so backers can get to know me a little. The reason for this is that I don’t show my face (on purpose), so I have to find another way to connect with people and make them feel at ease about supporting the project.

What I’m finding as a result is I’m enjoying it. I enjoy fostering that connection. That’s one of the reasons I decided to have a weekly post here at RIU HQ. It keeps me connected with RIU Citizens, which is a proprietary way of saying my fans. It also keeps them connected to me and in their minds, so I don’t fall away into the ether of their subconscious.

Ongoing Word of Mouth

I find it odd that we will spread the word about other people’s material, but we find it uncomfortable to do it for ourselves. Here is a misconception that to do so is either being a pushy salesman or that it’s bad form to self promote. I would find it suspect if an author didn’t self promote.

Keep it going.

It would seem to me if there was any project an author believed in 100%, it would be the projects they are working on. This goes for authors and their novels.

I believe in this project. I believe in this series. I believe in my ability to write a cohesive and entertaining novel. I believe in it strongly. So, unlike the last Kickstarter, I’m going to shout this from the mountain tops.

So, every day, I’ll do one thing to promote my Kickstarter campaign. Just one thing that informs others the project exists. I’m not to kill myself and spent all kinds of money. I’m also not to be obnoxious about it and do it in the same place repeatedly. I’ll just do one tiny thing some place new, giving the project awareness to others who didn’t know about it before. I’d appreciate it if you would do the same if you believe in the project.

Of course, this is my one thing today. This post. So if you feel so inclined, instead of scrolling all the way back up the beginning of the post, here’s a link to the Pandilla Kickstarter.

Pandilla Kickstarter

Until next time, I’ll see you in the Tapestry!

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