May 2018 – A Fantasy Extravaganza

Last few months have been quite busy here at RIU HQ. They’ve also been some of the most productive weeks that I’ve had in a long time.

Ever since April 13th which is when all of my books were released from KDP Select at Amazon, I have been working tirelessly to catch up on all of the lost time that I had for those 90 days. For me, it was not a good move at this stage of the game. It was excruciating. You live and learn.

One of the things that I implemented immediately was to get myself connected with some promotions. And these promotions are with other authors who write similar material to a degree. One of those promotions is the May 2018 Fantasy Extravaganza. That’s not a made-up name but is exactly what the promotion is called. In that promotion, there is a list of 139 books that have something to do with fantasy. From urban fantasy, Christian fantasy, steampunk fantasy, high fantasy, low fantasy, and every other kind of fantasy sub-genre that you can think of, it’s probably represented here.

But that’s not the good part.

The good part of all of this is that all of those 139 books are absolutely free until May 15th. This means you have 11 more days to wade through all of these books. That’s right. All of the books are free… kind of.

For many of them, you’ll probably have to join the mailing list. It’s the main reason why these authors get together so we can offer these deals to people who are interested in our work and stay connected with those people. All of us do this differently but that’s the main reason for giving away these books. And yes, yours truly is on that list.

Now you may be asking yourself when did I release a full book. I actually released a book when I finished all of The Dark Corner miniseries with The Confrontation. That miniseries when combined together equals a novel and that is the novel you will see listed if you go to download any of the books. Just look for the cover that looks like the image the left-hand side of your screen.

I’m going to be a part of a lot of these in the next coming months and you will see quite a few of promotions you will be able to get in on. So one of the main things you can do is get on somebody’s mailing list, and trust me, you’re going to be able to get plenty of free books. And the hope is that you will find something that you really like and stick with it.

So, the next step is really simple. Click on the link below and go download a lot of books and support independent writers. You will have a ball this summer reading and you won’t have time for things like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Or maybe not a whole lot of time. But you certainly will have plenty of fiction to wade through.

Click on this link and go to town:

May 2018 Fantasy Extravaganza

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