January 2019 Sci-Fi Takeover

Hello folks. My hope is that life is going well and blessed for you. This is going to be a short post today but it’ll be one that may have a benefit for you (that’s the point of all my posts actually).

This post is going to be one of the monthly posts I do in terms of any cross promos I may be a part of. This is different from what I first started doing because I used to try to get in on every promo that I could find until I realize that I was really double dipping. Sometimes triple dipping into the same pool of readers who had already seen what I had to offer. So, now I may run a cross-promo once every two months to give readers a certain amount of time to come on board and authors mailing list and then expose myself to those new readers.

Now, this is just working off of a certain service that I use called Book Funnel. When it comes to other kinds of promotions, I will run those as well — sometimes concurrently — with other promos. But Book Funnel is a regular service that I use for multiple things.

This month finds us in the January 2019 Sci-Fi Takeover. This is the second promo that I’ve done with this particular host whose name is Emerald Dodge (yeah. Don’t mind giving her a little love since she put the promo together). She writes the same kind of fiction that I do in terms of a superheroic vein though it is different in some respects as well. Of course, you can expect that with any writer. When she runs a promo, there tend to be quite a few people who sign up. In this case, the requirements are that everybody on the list has to have at least 100 readers in their mailing list. I can happily say my mailing list is far above and beyond that. She also has some other stipulations in her promos I like as well so I’m usually a part of it because we’re simpatico.

In this particular promo, yours truly has put together a banner for it which she actually used. So that’s kinda cool and it highlights some of the characters in the books that are part of the promo. Of course, it highlights Adlai Blackson as the last character in the banner. You know I just had to do that, right?

So what exactly can you expect from this particular promotion? Well, there are 71 authors that are part of this promo. Some of them have two books within the promo. But if you’re a science fiction fan or anything close to that genre then you can get samples and some full novels from your (potential) next favorite author.

Personally, I’m not doing too bad on the promo so far. 251 people clicked on my book cover and 91 have downloaded my sample. That means 36% of the people thought the book was interesting enough. It did better in another promo with 46% of the people downloading the book. However, this promo isn’t done yet so we’ll see what the final tally is once it wraps up on January 31st.

I’m going to be putting a spreadsheet together to get an overview of the effectiveness of these promos for me. However, I’m also interested in hearing from you and how these promos are helping you. Have you found some good stories and authors through these promos? Inquiring Eastons want to know. Let me know in the comments below.

So hop on over and check them out and see what is on the menu. The promotion ends January 31st. And of course, I’ll see you in the Tapestry.

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