In The Oven – Iron Man: Armor Trap

I thought it might be the time to let you in on what I’m reading at the moment since my last book review. Currently, I’m reading Greg Cox’s Iron Man: The Armor Trap. This is an older book (1995) as many of the books that I’ve been reading lately are. I’m not one that feels the need to read the latest. I just want to read something that I will enjoy. Cox is the same author that wrote The Fantastic Four: War Zone that I posted a review on.

So far, without giving away too many of the details, I’m pretty underwhelmed. There are a lot of writing faux pas I’m finding and I will lay them all out in detail when I finish and give a full review. However, I’m just a little over halfway finished with it so there may be some light at the end of the tunnel that I can’t see yet. Fingers crossed.

This, of course, is the genre I love, not only to read but to write. I’ve held off on my purchasing of superhero type novels since I have more than my fair share at the moment when I only had a handful before. I have my eye on plenty more but it will be a little while before I get back into the swing of things and reeling some more of these into my collection.

If I keep this at a steady pace, it won’t be long before I’m done and I move on to another. Until then, let me know what you’re reading currently in the comments below.

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