In the Oven: Fantastic Four – War Zone

I’m kind of geeked. In fact, I’m really geeked.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have this thing for superheroes. I love ‘em actually. Some more than others. The true ones. The classics. I just found a site where I can get a slew of superhero novels to add to my collection. The reason why this has me excited is the fact that in the town where I live, getting superhero novels for a decent price is like looking for a needle in a haystack. “Hard to find” is at the good end of the spectrum.

My wife asked me, “Where are we going to keep all those books?” I never answered that question but one thing is certain: I’m going to get them. I’ll figure out that small detail when they get here and some are already on their way.

It was in the past few months that I finished the X-Men: Mutant Empire series by Christopher Golden. I didn’t write any reviews because that was when I was going through the nightmare that is changing my web hosts (which I have to finish). However, reviews of all three books is forthcoming. It’s added to the many things on my blogger-do-list. This in addition to actually finishing some writing.

So, with this new discovery, I decided that it was time for another addition to the departments at this website which is my scattered thoughts ad musings called In the Oven. These are books that I’m currently reading that I give a little summary about my progress (detailed info can be found at my Goodreads page). Now, why would I have this here and not just do everything at my Goodreads page? Simple: I write here much more than I do at my Goodreads page. This is the hub of my mad operation and I want to keep everything connected here. I don’t even give full reviews on my Goodreads page but I direct everyone back here with a link. It keeps everything streamlined and I need that given how busy things tend to get for me.

So, to start off this series is The Fantastic Four: War Zone by Greg Cox. I must say, I must have started this book about four or five times and I just couldn’t get too much further into it until recently when I just decided to bite the bullet and get through it. That was a good thing because it appears I stopped before things got good. Now I can’t put it down and I’m over halfway through it. I’ve been having a blast reading it. I’ll give you the 411 once I’m done. Hook up with me over at Goodreads so I can see what you have in the oven. Or just tell me in the comments below. Pie for those who are reading superhero fiction or writing non-fiction.


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