Data File – Detective Samuel Neff

This is the first data file in the Reality Imagination Universe. This is the place where reoccurring characters will be listed in summary fashion. More details can be fond in the stories they appear in.

Name: Samuel Neff

Age: 51
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 275 lbs.
Hair: Black. Balding.
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Mustache. Army ranger tattoo on right shoulder.  
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African
Occupation: Homicide Detective
Place of Birth: Flint, Michigan
Place of Residence: Toledo, Ohio
Marital Status: Married (second)
Favorite Food: Turkey Chili, Cornbread

Favorite Drinks: Miller Lite, Scotch on the rocks
Favorite Color: Has none.
Favorite Books: 1984, The Problem of Pain
Favorite Television Program: Primarily sports and news only. Doesn’t watch series.
Political Affiliation: Doesn’t claim any though registered as a Democrat. Generally dislikes all politicians.
Religion: Has a church membership in New Covenant Baptist Church where he hasn’t attended for over 20 years. Reads the Bible rarely if at all.
Pet Peeves: Talking too much. Smacking while eating.
First Appearance in RIU: The Visitor- The Dark Corner

Background: Samuel Neff is someone that has seen a lot in his life, having been a soldier in the army, experiencing combat in the military and currently working as a homicide detective. He knows what a man is capable of doing, knows the darkness that many envelope themselves in. He’s not calloused but exacerbated. Jaded to an extent. He wants desperately to do more but feels constrained by the system he represents. Nevertheless, he’s committed to doing what he can where he’s at and wouldn’t be above bending the law to make sure the right thing was done.

He carries himself lethargically, almost in slow motion like he has all the time in the world. He’s a little out of shape but not too much. He likes to bury himself in his works and currently has the most closed cases out of every homicide detective on the Toledo Police Homicide Department. He’s unyielding when it comes to his cases. 

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