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Easton Livingston has written articles for national magazine publications, newspapers, online websites, and graphic novels. He decided to take the plunge into self-publishing in 2013. In 2017, he revamped his brand.

“I’ve learned quite a bit in the intervening years, but I realized I was going to have to up my game if I wanted to do this full time. Therefore, everything is getting a fresh look and we’re moving forward aggressively with a new plan and goals. It’s exciting and difficult, but every mistake and nuance will be worth it.”

Easton’s books are family friendly, focusing on fantastic tales for adults which often addresses mature themes (think PG-13). This is important to him and a distinction that he vehemently makes.

I don’t use profanity in my books, and I hate reading it. I write clean fiction. No profanity, sex scenes, or gratuitous gore in my books (there is violence, however). That doesn’t mean I don’t deal with adult topics and issues. I do. It’s just without the lurid language. I’m not a Young Adult author, though fans of that genre can certainly read my material. But I definitely write for an adult audience with adult protagonist.”

Easton writes in the genres of superheroic, supernatural thriller, urban fantasy, and mystery/suspense, weaving all of those elements together. Simplified, speculative fiction. He often describes his work as a cross between the cult television shows Fringe, 4400 , Netflix’s Stranger Things.

His projects include The Dark Corner, a novel of supernatural suspense tales he introduces to all the citizens of the R.I.U. (Reality Imagination Universe). To become an R.I.U. Citizen, go to his sign up page R.I.U. Citizenship Signup.

He also has another series called The Poltergeist Files, a gritty, superhuman action drama twist. For fans of John Wick, Daredevil, and Jason Bourne. It includes Blackson’s Revenge, Blackson’s Repentance, and Blackson’s Redemption.

He’s currently working on his fifth novel titled Pandilla, the first in a new trilogy of books called The Nepios Conspiracy, picking up where his first book, The Dark Corner, left off.

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