The Visitor – Preface

I’m currently finishing up a short story called The Visitor. It will be part of a short story series that I’ve titled The Dark Corner. It’s something I wrote quite a while ago, as in years. More than a couple. More than a few.

There’s a little bit of an interesting story behind the story. Early one day (I believe it was a weekend), I had gone through my garage and discovered some manuscripts that I had packed away a long time ago. I was pleasantly surprised and decided to read them later.

A week or two passed, if my memory serves me correctly. I was up late one night and wanted something to read, specifically fiction. I had an itch and it needed to be scratched. So I went to my area downstairs where I keep…uh…well…a lot of stuff…and I saw the manuscripts that I had brought back from the garage. I was elated. I picked up the pile of papers and began to leaf through them, recounting not only the stories but the memories that accompanied them.

I was approaching the end of the pile when I came across some notebook paper with writing in pen. The pile was a mish-mash of scrap, typing, and notebook paper which had writing in pencil, pen and type as in typewriter (yeah. I told you it was old). At first, I didn’t recognize the story. But after a while, my memory of it came to me. It needed a rewrite. Then I’d put it out there.

Fast forward. The publishing industry is going through an upheaval with ebooks. It’s the same scenario that the music companies when through in the latter part of the 20th century. The playing field for the independent publisher and writer has been leveled. I’m watching the news, doing my research, and becoming excited at the prospect of putting my stories out there where the world can see them. Then it hits me. Short stories in a market like this could not be financially viable. There was a time where you could buy a magazine like Amazing Stories or even GQ and there would be a piece of short story fiction. There was a market for writers to sell their material. All that has changed. So, what was I going to do?

It took less than a minute for an answer to emerge. Give them away for free. The first story that came to mind to work on was the one that was written on notebook paper in pen called The Visitor.

So, here we are. The Visitor will be available here at the website as well as on Amazon and Smashwords. The price will always be free for my individual short stories. My hope is that you will enjoy them and take the time to post your thoughts and tell me what you think.

God bless.

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