The Forest – Preface

The second installment in my short stories series The Dark Corner will debut in the next week. It’s going to be free for those who feel so inclined to download it.

The Forest is about Hal Baker and his family who go on a much needed vacation and unwittingly uncover an evil whose clutches they must escape before it destroys them.

This was another one of those short stories I had written in the 90s that never got a chance to see print. When I pulled it out and read it after all those years, one thing became instantly apparent: good googly moogly, it needed a rewrite. But the overall gist of the story was there. Actually, the major structure of the story was solid and in place.

This reminds me of a question that a writer friend of mine asked in a Google+ community I frequent. Was is it worth it to write when all you’re getting is a gem here and there? I gave her C.J. Cherryh’s quote in my post on Ten Rules A Writer Should Write By. It didn’t occur to me that I had experienced what she was asking until I started penning this post (I’ll have to let her know that).

What’s interesting about The Forest was that the story began one way but ended another. Really. This is one of those times where something evolved into something totally unplanned. The kind of evolution I spoke of transpiring in my post on the Reality Imagination Universe.

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