At the moment, I’m reading Robert Jordan’s first book in the Wheel of Time saga called the Eye of the World. I’m thoroughly enjoying my reading of it. But I noticed a couple of things.

One is that this is just way too long for no good reason. However, I appreciate the attention to detail that he gives to his world. My friend actually got me into it since I’ve never been a big epic/high fantasy reader. But I decided to give this a try on his recommendation and I must say, this has bee a good run. But I’m looking at book two and thinking, β€œYou’ve got to be kidding me? Another six hundred plus pages? Really?”

Suffice it to say, I’m going to be on hiatus from Mr. Jordan for a bit. This is going to take a long minute to get through this series. There are many books here in my home that simply must be read.

Don’t get me wrong. I like any good story. Just that high fantasy has to be done in a particular way. The Lord of the Rings movies actually got me interested in it again. I also play the online version of the game (only video game I play actually). I play RPGs but the one I don’t play is…you guessed it. Dungeons & Dragons. My kind of fantasy is of the superheroic kind. Like Hugo Dyson of the Inklings, I loathe elves, probably because they have just been so played out that I’ve had my fill for the rest of eternity.

That brings me to what else I appreciate about this particular book. No elves (thank you Lord). It’s one of those silent elements I didn’t realize wasn’t there until I was a good portion of the way through the book. Looks like that may be a one shot deal because as I look at the next book on the series on my desk in front of me, looks like there’s a hafling or something that comes into the picture. I’m just about done so I’ll be posting a full review at my Goodreads page. In the meantime between time, I gots work to do.

God bless.

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