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Batman vs. Superman and Writing

You may say that I’m on a mission this year and I am. I will restructuring the website to be just the simplest of sites for my writing and the genre of my writing passion which is the superheroic/supernatural/action/science-fiction genre (yeah. Just made that up).

So that means I’m going to be playing catch up in the next few weeks when it comes to my movies. So, first up on the chopping block is DCs 2016 bomb, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Good googly moogly. Read on intrepid read reader, if you dare.

Ant-Man and Writing


Ant-Man was the last superheroic movie that was added to the Marvel cinematic movie continuity last year (weird saying that). I didn’t get to it until later on in the year much after the fact. I had some time to watch it last month so I sat down and give it a look. Of course, when I watch a movie I’m not just looking to be entertained. I’m looking at all of the nuances like camera shots, dialogue, and the overall writing which to me, if it’s bad, the whole movie is a wash and it won’t matter what actor you put in it to try to save it. I was wondering if this was going to be one of those movies.

City of Heroes: The MMO That Started It All

In 2004, I experienced my very first MMORPG. I was waiting with bated breath for it to be released and got it on the first day that it came out. I bought the strategy guide and spent countless hours on that game. That game had a profound impact on my writing and still does today.

The Reason for My Website

Nowadays, having a website for just about any endeavor to engage people is a must. But many people have no idea what they want their website to do or the specific purpose of their website. Writers are included in that. This got me to thinking which always gets me to writing about it.

My Book Cover Journey: Part III – The Business

It’s generally understood that the three top things that sells a book are the price, the description, and the book cover. That’s just part of the business and it’s a part that we have to deal with business-like. That means when we are ready to get that cover done, we already have our agreement in hand and ready to send off to the designer, illustrator, or both if they are all one person. But do you really have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a lawyer draft you up one? Uh…the answer to that is an unequivocal, no. Here’s what you need to do.

9 Ingredients On How to Write for A Living

I’m an independent writer. I’m an author. I am published in a variety of different places: magazines, graphic novel, newspapers, blogs, and one book. I am in this for the long haul. I don’t write to do it as a part-time endeavor. The goal here is to write as a career. If you’re a writer with that same goal, then this is for you. It’s not long but it’s powerful. It’s nine basics on how to make a living as a writer.

Why I Have No Face

I’ve been around now for a little over a year and I realized that some people who come to the site may be wondering, “What does this guy look like?” It’s not because it’s all that important. Maybe you’re just curious. Maybe you’re simply wanting to place a face with the writer. Or maybe you’re a stalker. I don’t know. Well, today I answer that question for better or for worse.