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The Basement – Preface

It’s about that time. Time for part four in The Dark Corner short story series titled The Basement. The first three, The Visitor, The Forest, and The Gift, though separate stories in their own right, have been building towards something. If you haven’t downloaded these yet, I suggest you click on the links and do

Short Story – The Gift

It seems that I must apologize once again for the tardiness of this release but I have a good reason for my short hiatus. Though I’m private to a fault, I feel that when I give my word, I should keep it and if I don’t that in the very least I need to explain

The Gift – Preface

Well, yes. I have returned after a small hiatus. Been busy with many things behind the scenes. One of those those things is gearing up to writing my first novel in The Poltergeist Chronicles titled Blackson’s Revenge. But much still has to happen before that is released. One of the things that has to happen

Short Story – The Forest

Well, yes. This is coming in just a wee bit late. I apologize for the delay for those of you who are paying attention and actually care. Going to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Before you is my latest release in the line of short stories in the series The Dark Corner. This is