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In The Oven – Iron Man: Armor Trap

Not to be one that sits idle, I always like to be reading something. Normally, that’s one fiction and one non-fiction book. This time around I have another Marvel novel that I’ve been picking away at starring the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist that we all know and love, Iron Man.

Avengers: Age of Ultron and Writing – Prelude

Well, you knew it was coming, didn’t you? With all of the posts that I’ve done with this kind of theme (remember Captain America – Winter Soldier and the X-Men – Days of Future Past?), it was inevitable. However, this is the first time that I’ve ever done a prelude to a movie-and-writing post without

Review – Fantastic Four: War Zone

Recently, I ran into a treasure of superhero novels online that I am beginning to buy. Being a geek of all things comic-booky (I think I just created a new word) and writing in a genre that is similar, I’ve finally finished a novel that I’ve had for a while but just now read with one of my fave teams, the Fantastic Four. Here’s my take on it.

In the Oven: Fantastic Four – War Zone

It probably doesn’t come as a big shock to those who know me that I collect comics (well…used to. Comics are too expensive. Even the digital versions. But I do know how to find gems but that’s for another post possibly). I have rows of them in boxes in my basement right behind me. I was collecting Avengers when most people were giving them a thumbs down.

I also collect superhero novels. They were hard to find until recently, like about a week five days ago. Now, I’m like a kid in a candy store. So much so I’ve decided to add yet another series to my website.

Lessons From Stan Lee: A Portrait of Commitment

There are certain personality traits that people need in order to be successful as a writer. With the publishing industry changing daily and the digital age making it possible for the solo writer to strike out on their own, its important to know what these qualities are in order to see if you have them or if you need to concentrate on developing them. One of those qualities is commitment. The ability to persevere through hard times and obstacles. I was reminded recently by none other than the Marvel main man Stan Lee.

X-Men: Days of Future Past and Writing

Yes. It is that time again. The fourth installment of my superhero films and writing series. I began this series with Iron Man III. We then went to Thor: The Dark World, went on to Captain America: Winter Soldier, and now we have arrived at our latest with X-Men: Days of Future Past. For those of you who are coming late to the party, I do these because my novels are a part of this genre. I write what would be considered superheroic/superpowered, sci-fi fantasy novels. With the proliferation of movies that have been coming out over the last ten years in this genre, I felt that those in this genre can learn from watching these, both dos and don’ts.

More Reading. More Writing. Less Television.

We live in an age of media saturation. From every corner we’re bombarded by someone’s message (like this one you’re reading right now). There is an element of freedom with that as well as a danger of information overload. For the most part, our brains learn to filter out and ignore the things we don’t