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The Basement Is Near

As we reach the midway point of 2017, I have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for two release coming up in the next six to eight weeks. It has been quite some time since my last release but these next six months will see a definite uptick in releases in the RIU universe. Take a quick peek at what we have going on.

RIU – Meechum Forest

When we look up at the stars into the vast space of the universe, we are sometimes struck with a sense of wonder in how everything came to be. Scientists know that the universe is, amazingly, expanding, which has implications.

It is no different with the RIU (Reality Imagination Universe). Though it is currently a small place, it is ever expanding. New discoveries are popping up all of the time. One of those discoveries is a little forest in rural Pennsylvania called Meechum Forest. Today, I explore this place and what its origins may be.