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The Importance of a Good Web Host – Introduction

There are some things that are essential for an independent publisher and writer. One of those things is having a web presence. When that goes to the dogs, everything is put on pause. I’m putting it mildly: it comes to a screeching halt. I recently experienced this and it was NOT something I want to go through again. Why have you not seen my posts on a regular basis? Why have there been no activity here at the website? Was I, like many others, here one day and gone the next because of a lack of commitment. Uh…no. Here’s what happened.

My Book Cover Journey – Part II: The Search

One of the things that I have been working on behind the scenes is book cover art for Blackson’s Revenge. Well…technically I’ve been giving input to my book cover artist as we’ve been going back and forth on how to make it look compelling. I’m excited with what he has put together so far. However, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I said that I would chronicle my journey in creating the book cover for my novel and I like to be a man of my word. In the first part, I’ll reveal how I found a great book artist for reasonable fee. Well…reasonable to me anyway.

Critiquing the “Bestseller”

It’s amazing how knowledge can empower you, especially in the area of being an independent writer. Wisdom is better of course because that is where true success lies. But it begins at knowledge and understanding.

Recently, I was thinking about the term “bestseller”. You see it on books and in book descriptions all over Amazon. New York Times Bestseller. Best Selling Author of [insert book name]. It’s the brass ring title of authors. But what does the term mean and is it really what we think it it means?

Indie Publishers: Make More Money by Spending a Little Money

We’re living in an exciting time for novelists and non-fiction writers. We have the tools at our disposal to release our work to the world at large without someone asking to take most of our money (i.e. publishing houses). Independent publishing is here and going nuts despite the numbers which say that most independent publishers

Blogger and WordPress: Growing Pangs

Anyone that blogs knows that they have a couple different options when it comes to blogging platforms. Tumblr, Typepad, Live Journal and Weebly just to name a few. But by far, the two most popular are Blogger and WordPress. Looking at my site, you can’t tell which one I’m using. I use Blogger. I have

Review – Your First 1000 Copies

Earlier this week, I downloaded a copy of Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book by Tim Grahl. I’d heard about the book, read some of the reviews, the price was $3.99 and I decided it was a good investment. No matter what, I can write it off on my taxes,

My Book Cover Journey – Preface

Being in the business of indie publishing, I would be remiss if I didn’t know a little bit of how to put out a book and all of the many facets that go into it. With the industry the way that it is, we’re learning something new everyday. I am, by no means, an expert.