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RIU – Meechum Forest

When we look up at the stars into the vast space of the universe, we are sometimes struck with a sense of wonder in how everything came to be. Scientists know that the universe is, amazingly, expanding, which has implications.

It is no different with the RIU (Reality Imagination Universe). Though it is currently a small place, it is ever expanding. New discoveries are popping up all of the time. One of those discoveries is a little forest in rural Pennsylvania called Meechum Forest. Today, I explore this place and what its origins may be.

Project Update – The Basement

It has been some time since I gave an update on the next short story in The Dark Corner series, The Basement. I have not forgotten. Not by a long shot. Here’s the latest on this project and how you can get a copy for free as soon as it comes out.

RIU – The E-Stone

The world of RIU is slowly expanding. Those innocuous things in my stories that you read about and maybe filed away in the back of your mind as being not so important just may be something major. Today, I have a new addition to the data files of the RIU, one that, if you’ve read any of my stories, you probably were expecting.

So, Uh…What’s Up With The Basement?

Man. I should be flogged and hogtied. I said that that next story in my short story series The Dark Corner would be out by now. And I had planned on releasing it. It is finished, so to speak. Some tweaks here and there. But…here’s the thing (you’ll see me say that phrase a lot.

Data File – Detective Samuel Neff

This is the first data file in the Reality Imagination Universe. This is the place where reoccurring characters will be listed in summary fashion. More details can be fond in the stories they appear in. Name: Samuel Neff Age: 51Height: 6′ 2″Weight: 275 lbs.Hair: Black. Balding.Eyes: BrownDistinguishing Features: Mustache. Army ranger tattoo on right shoulder.  Nationality:

The Forest – Preface

The second installment in my short stories series The Dark Corner will debut in the next week. It’s going to be free for those who feel so inclined to download it. The Forest is about Hal Baker and his family who go on a much needed vacation and unwittingly uncover an evil whose clutches they

R.I.U. – Creation of a Universe

There’s a long standing debate over how the universe came into being. Some think that it came into being by scientific anomalies aligning together to evolve from a single cell protoplasm over millions or billions of years. It is the theory that is taught on most college campuses in the United States and around the