Monthly Archives: December 2014

Traveling With the Hobbit

Some may say that I’m coming into this party late. I’m not of that inclination. I believe that timing is everything and that the providential hand of God is never off since He created time. Now, what exactly am I talking about? My journey into the world of Middle-Earth, specifically with a hobbit named Bilbo.

The Importance of a Good Web Host – Introduction

There are some things that are essential for an independent publisher and writer. One of those things is having a web presence. When that goes to the dogs, everything is put on pause. I’m putting it mildly: it comes to a screeching halt. I recently experienced this and it was NOT something I want to go through again. Why have you not seen my posts on a regular basis? Why have there been no activity here at the website? Was I, like many others, here one day and gone the next because of a lack of commitment. Uh…no. Here’s what happened.