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X-Men: Days of Future Past and Writing

Yes. It is that time again. The fourth installment of my superhero films and writing series. I began this series with Iron Man III. We then went to Thor: The Dark World, went on to Captain America: Winter Soldier, and now we have arrived at our latest with X-Men: Days of Future Past. For those of you who are coming late to the party, I do these because my novels are a part of this genre. I write what would be considered superheroic/superpowered, sci-fi fantasy novels. With the proliferation of movies that have been coming out over the last ten years in this genre, I felt that those in this genre can learn from watching these, both dos and don’ts.

Critiquing the “Bestseller”

It’s amazing how knowledge can empower you, especially in the area of being an independent writer. Wisdom is better of course because that is where true success lies. But it begins at knowledge and understanding.

Recently, I was thinking about the term “bestseller”. You see it on books and in book descriptions all over Amazon. New York Times Bestseller. Best Selling Author of [insert book name]. It’s the brass ring title of authors. But what does the term mean and is it really what we think it it means?

Blogger to WordPress: Observations

Being an independent writer, you have to build your brand. Part of that brand in our day and age is the website. It’s a must to have one or to have some place where you can connect and interact with your fans on a regular basis. Key things that you have to consider when looking to build a website is how it will be hosted and on what platform. For the indie author, the two big platforms are Wordpress and Blogger. There are others like Typepad, Scribd, and Weebly. But for the serious writer looking to build a professional brand, I believe that Wordpress is the way to go. Here’s why.

More Reading. More Writing. Less Television – Week 1.5

It’s been a week and a half now that I’ve decided to lessen my television viewing to almost non-existence (like I said, I have to get in my 24). That includes Netflix and YouTube consumption. How has that impacted my writing and reading? I’m glad you asked.As far as my writing…well…(*doing my best Monk impression*) here’s the thing…

Indie Publishers: Make More Money by Spending a Little Money

We’re living in an exciting time for novelists and non-fiction writers. We have the tools at our disposal to release our work to the world at large without someone asking to take most of our money (i.e. publishing houses). Independent publishing is here and going nuts despite the numbers which say that most independent publishers

Review – Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

I don’t like fantasy. Or rather, I didn’t. Back in the 90s, I read Dragonlance and I enjoyed it. But that was really my last foray in terms of fantasy books because I was more into superheroes. Still am. But the prodding of my friend and a rekindled interest in the genre from  the Lord

The War: Outlining vs. Organic Writing

I was just a part of a an online exchange that seemed to interest a few people. The subject was whether or not you write a synopsis before or after you write your story/novel/book. The consensus was that they wrote the synopsis afterward but I was the one that was the odd man out (go