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The Forest – Preface

The second installment in my short stories series The Dark Corner will debut in the next week. It’s going to be free for those who feel so inclined to download it. The Forest is about Hal Baker and his family who go on a much needed vacation and unwittingly uncover an evil whose clutches they

Ten Rules A Writer Should Write By

Being a writer is a lonely profession. It has to be. You are trapped with yourself and the ideas that have been given you. Hearing from others who’ve gone through and are going through what this profession throws at you is very helpful. Good advice is hard to come by and every writer needs to

Iron Man III and Writing

Note the hero. She’s on the left. O.K. I need to confess that when I wrote the first installment in this, The Man of Steel and Writing, I never planned on it being a series. I was just writing on something that I was passionate about (first rule of writing by the way). But it