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The Wolverine and Writing

From the title of this post, you may start to see a pattern forming as it looks very similar to my post The Man of Steel and Writing. And you would be correct in assuming that I’m going to make this a habit, primarily because this is the genre of choice for me to write

Self-Publishing: Don’t Write Off Print…Yet

In case you’ve come in late to the game here, the book publishing industry is going through a bit of growing pangs. I’ll take it even further—mass media printed on paper is going through an upheaval and it’s been going on for years now. Newspapers versus the blogosphere. Now, it’s digital ereaders versus the tried

The Visitor Has Arrived

I have now finished the short story The Visitor. To be honest, it’s been done for a few days now where it’s been uploaded and listed at Amazon and Smashwords. However, I’ve been working out the kinks in the ebook formatting department before I decided officially announce its release. What I learned from that experience

R.I.U. – Creation of a Universe

There’s a long standing debate over how the universe came into being. Some think that it came into being by scientific anomalies aligning together to evolve from a single cell protoplasm over millions or billions of years. It is the theory that is taught on most college campuses in the United States and around the

The Poltergeist Chronicles – Blackson’s Revenge

The more I work on this website, the more I’m liking the idea of writing. You’d think that would be a given since I’m…well…a writer. But if you listen or read what some writers say, you’d think that writing was some kind of curse. It most definitely is not. I’m blessed to have as many

The Visitor – Preface

I’m currently finishing up a short story called The Visitor. It will be part of a short story series that I’ve titled The Dark Corner. It’s something I wrote quite a while ago, as in years. More than a couple. More than a few. There’s a little bit of an interesting story behind the story.

Man of Steel and Writing

I am a geek. No shame in my game when I say that. I like superhero movies, comic books, and video games. A couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to take my wife out to a decent movie. A few weeks before we had seen that embarrassing debacle Iron Man III. I was a